Kamiebi Street (hardness Hamanaka path)
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Old Street Chinese traditional Yu Garden buckwheat remains

Good old city like China. And it is an area that feeling of life, private house of old-fashioned there full of antique stores and Tea House, souvenir shop ... variety is lined, but upon entering the alley once. Four tiles Lou path that is in the back alley Among them is recommended. Stalls crowd as festivals like, it will continue until night around from morning. Skewer of classic also sells. Hygiene is not enough but like do not know who will buy as well as or selling, as it is fun just to look. The price of the thing has become cheaper than the Yuyuan Garden.

General Information

Facility Name Kamiebi Street (hardness Hamanaka path)
Address 200000 China Shanghai Huangpu District how Hamanaka path
Access14-minute walk Subway Line 10


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Yu Garden
200000 China, Huangpu District, Shanghai how Hamanaka path
marker Access
14-minute walk from Metro Line 10