Jade Buddha Temple
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Beautiful jade Buddha of two who came from Myanmar

Jade Buddha Temple was built in 1882. There is a jade Buddha (Buddha-seat) Kei Negami two people that were brought back from Myanmar here.

Saw Kei Negami people of Mount Putuo is copying to Xuanzang, it seems to have brought back the ball Buddha of five bodies large and small when you visit to Myanmar and Tibet. When we stopped in Shanghai in the middle of the return journey, saint leaves the two bodies Tama-botoke for Shanghai citizens. It is said that the beginning of the Jade Buddha Temple When was dedicated to it.

In the Song Dynasty palace style typical building is lined "Tenno-dono", "large heirloom" and "wisdom length room" and the like as the temple normal. Attention here Buddha came from Myanmar. They made ​​with white jade stone mysterious, as the mind of either washed. The "Jade Buddha Tower" ball Buddha's are decorated with "Wo Buddhist temple." 10 yuan requires a separate "Jade Buddha Tower," but one body came from Myanmar "Death of Buddha image" has been enshrined the "Sakyamuni Buddha" and "Wo Buddhist temple." Photography is prohibited Unfortunately, There is no doubt that you will be enchanted by the Buddha and adorable as the ball! By the way, Chinese restaurant called "Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple Mototoki portion" are also hotel facing the courtyard of the temple. You can eat a healthy vegetarian food here

"Wo Buddhist temple" of "Death of Buddha image"

※ The photography is prohibited

"Jade Buddha Tower" of "Sakyamuni Buddha"

※ The photography is prohibited

General Information

Facility Name Jade Buddha Temple
Address China Shanghai discount journey No. 170
phone number +86 21 6266 3668
Admission 10 yuan ※ Jade Buddha Tower is 10 yuan separately
Hours 08:00 to 17:00
Regular holiday Everyday open
AccessChangshou Road a 12-minute walk Subway Line 7
Official site http://www.yufotemple.com/


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Jing'an District
China Shanghai discount journey No. 170
+86 21 6266 3668
marker Access
"Changshou Road" a 12-minute walk Subway Line 7