Longhua Temple
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Shanghai's largest. The oldest temple

It was built the Three Kingdoms period! ? It is said Longhua Temple and was erected for the mother to 242 AD, Sun Quan Kure-nushi was bereaved husband. The current building has been repaired, but it is the oldest temple in Shanghai, the size of the precinct is also the biggest in the city. Buddha is enshrined lot, Five Hundred, such as golden must see inside. (Because there is a place that can not be taken ※ temples, attention) rather than a tourist-friendly and, in the temple full-scale, it is also a power spot. There is a restaurant of vegetarian food in the precinct, How to buy that you are not troubled with the rice in the meal ticket type, it is a method that after purchasing a ticket outside, to receive food in exchange for a ticket at the counter inside. Admission fee is 10 yuan, incense comes with. This will help you in burning pot of burning incense in the temple grounds. Although it is about prayer, but let's use it because there is a platform for kneeling in front of the Buddha statue. New Year crowded especially in the worshipers.

General Information

Facility Name Longhua Temple
Address China Shanghai Xuhui District Ryuhana-ro 2853 issue
phone number +86 21 6456 6085
entrance fee10 yuan at the time of normal (with incense)
Hours 07:00 to 16:00
Regular holiday Everyday open
Access2-minute walk Subway Line 11 from "Ryuhana"


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China Shanghai Xuhui District Ryuhana-ro 2853 issue
+86 21 6456 6085
marker Access
Two 11-minute walk from the subway line "Ryuhana"