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A new tourist attraction in Shanghai

It has resulted renovated the old city in 2000, Xintiandi is a new tourist destination. It is called (tenement-type houses with brick) stone warehouse Gate District Shanghai city. The site is divided into Nanri and Kitasato by Kogyo path, area of stylish cobbled enjoy restaurants, shopping, cafes, and bars. This is the place seem like Shanghai, but it has been recognized as a new tourist destination. Bar Street at night is famous in this place, it enjoys a drink foreigners come together when it comes on weekend nights. You may think foreigners Western system many, English is the lead almost without trouble for it. The price is generally tourist price, but available in peace feeling of cleanliness. Real estate development company headquartered in Hong Kong, Rui'an population was conducted or when Western has become a little miss ♪ The development is recommended when you want to drink with your friends.

General Information

Facility Name Xintiandi
Address 200021, Shanghai, China KanJo-ro No. 528
AccessAbout a 3-minute walk Subway Line 10 from "Xintiandi"
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Huaihai Road
200021 Shanghai China KanJo-ro No. 528
marker Access
3-minute walk to move north, 3 minutes south from "yellow 陂南 path Station Line 1 Subway Line 10 from" Xintiandi"