Nankin road
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Shopping mall of the world's longest

Nanjing Road is the downtown area of Shanghai one. There is also a shopping mall of the world's longest, its length is approximately 6km. It attracts some one million of people in a day. Its history deeply, 19 century begins. There is also a central market which is open market since a century ago. The road is running from east to west central Shanghai, People's Park to Shanghai from the Bund, Nanjing West Road, which hit the western part has continued to Jing'an District People's Park from the Nanjing East Road in the east. Shop brings together The variety is to all day pedestrian, was including souvenir shop until Xizang medium path from Henan middle path of the Nanjing East Road. By the East Road, is a tourist area and very large, it is generally speaking as "Nanjing Road". Because there is a crime like no other in the area that is aimed at tourists, It is suggested that you do not go for the Chinese-speaking. Department stores and exclusive boutiques are often in Nanjing West Road. Nanjing Road is crowded, especially on Saturdays, Sundays, but will enjoy a walk around the road. There is a lively anyway, it is recommended just to look around a wide variety of shops and restaurants. And Spring Festival of China, the event will be held on the day of New Year's Eve and Easter, and Christmas. Fireworks have been launched in the shopping center shops and some

Electric cart (Pleasure car)

From end to end of the pedestrian, you can enjoy the atmosphere aboard the electric cart. It is (as of June 2014) 5 yuan one way. Invite you to move when it was a little tired?

General Information

Facility Name Nanjing Road
Address 200042, Shanghai, China District path No. 780
phone number +86 21 6352 6638
AccessA short walk Subway Line 2, 10 from "Nanjing East Road "


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People's Square
200000 China, Huangpu District, Shanghai Nanjing
+86 21 6352 6638
marker Access
A short walk from Metro Line 2, 10 "Nanjing East Road"