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Area:The Bund                     

  Price: 50CNY-100CNY

  Genre: Italian


  • Italian

Great Italian and great location

Let's walk along the Bund. There are Good Fellows there. Why not we get a great Italian service? There are Italian classic that including pasta mozzarella and prosciutto, such as lasagna on the menu. Delicious Shanghai cuisine is good, but please come by all means if when this information is necessary and required rest. Reputation is one of the best Italian restaurants in Shanghai. It is all right if you can not understand Chinese. English is accepted without a problem. Enter the shop, it is recommended that reserved seat because it is about 50 seats.

General Information

Facility Goodfellas
Address Nada China Shanghai Yan'an 7 extra
Tel+86 21 6323 2188
Avarage price50CNY-150CNY
Hours 11:30 to 23:30


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The Bund
7 extra Nada China Shanghai Yan'an
+86 21 6323 2188
marker Access
Approximately 10 minutes 10 Subway Line