Shinko Shuka feast (yellow Uramise)
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  Price: 200CNY-

  Genre: Chinese food


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Shanghai crab restaurant attracts fascinating celebrities

Speaking of gourmet Shanghai is Shanghai crab even if I say anything! Around 10-12, season it is said that female crab of October, the male crab of November that's especially excellent. This one owner is Mr.Ho who is a crab dish student. You might not imagine from appearance folksy, but in fact, that celebrities and overseas Hong Kong star also coming secretly, It is the popular Shanghai crab restaurant. If you have just a menu of only body which removed the shell at the shop, you can enjoy a varied menu in a short period of time. Crab baked silver skin that's a push is particularly fried milt of male crab (580 yuan). that was soaked in rice wine Shanghai crab raw does not release the fan exquisite flavor. You can eat Shanghai crab as original, of course. Price varies by season, etc, but it is about 100 yuan - roughly. Japanese is not through, but there are some written in Japanese on the menu. We can experience the Shanghai Crab home by all means!

General Information

Facility Shinko Shuka feast (yellow Uramise)
Address China, Huangpu District, Shanghai Tianjin path No. 512
Tel+86 21 6322 3978
Avarage price700CNY
Hours 11:00 to 14:00, 17:00 to 21:30
Holiday Lunar New Year
AccessAbout 8 minutes 1, 2, 8 Subway Line "People's Square " walk


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People's Square
China, Huangpu District, Shanghai Tianjin path No. 512
+86 21 6322 3978
marker Access
About 8 minutes 1,2,8 subway line "People's Square " walk