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Experience unique adventure between culture and nature

In the vast continent, Russia has many important sites of both culture and nature from the tsars' imperial buildings to exciting Valley of Gaysers in Kamchatka. They are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, of which 15 properties are cultural and 10 are natural. We would like to select and introduce more fascinating place of all here. If you just want to enjoy watching whole landscape of Russia, Trans-Siberian Railway will be another memorable trip taking you from Moscow to Vladivostok. Those who are interested in culture, instead, Vladomir and Suzdal, Kizhi Pogost and Solovetsky Islands are must. Needles to say, Moscow and St.Petersburg are most leading and attracting Russian cities for tourism as well as history. The cities and sites of UNESCO World Heritage are introduced from the west to the east below. Have a great adventure!

Solovetsky Islands

Kizhi Pogost - St.Petersburg - Novgorod - Moscow - Vladimir and Suzdal - Golden Mountains of Altai

Lake Baikal

Lena Pillars Nature Park (Yakutsk) and Volcanoes of Kamchatka

Solovetsky Islands

The Solovetsky islands comprises of six islands in the western part of the White Sea. Cozy Solovetsky Monastery is one of Russia's most famous and holy monasteries. In the 20th century, it was used as a Soviet prison, today it is a museum and home for a number of monks.

Kizhi Pogost

The pogost of Kizhi is located on one of the many islands in Lake Onega, in Karelia. There are some ancient buildings: wooden churches and an octagonal clock tower which were built in 18th century.


This second biggest city in Russia was capital of Russian empire and the Tsars' home. The city is called "Venice of the North" as seen in this picturesque canal, that creates romantic atmosphere.


Novgorod is one of the most ancient cities of Russia located in the south of St.Petersburg. It was founded in the 10th century. Novgorod is known for the variety and age of its medieval monuments. The most outstanding one of these is the St. Sophia Cathedral built in the 10th century. It's good state of preservation and one of the oldest structure still in use in Russia.


Capital of Russia! You don't go to your home without seeing the Red Square and Kremlin. They are the symbol of Russia and the central of politics.

Vladimir and Suzdal

These two artistic cities have a number of magnificent 12th- and 13th-century public and religious buildings. The masterpieces of the Collegiate Church of St Demetrios and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin are attracting monuments. Distance between Vladimir and Suzdal is approximately 50km by car.

Golden Mountains of Altai

It's situated on the border of the Central Asia and the Siberia. It shows different landscapes in this area where live about 90 animal species: mammal, amphibia, reptile and fish. Mount Belukha, the Siberia's highest mountain (4,506 m above the sea level), is very impressive in its grandeur. The Teletskoye Lake is the true pearl of the Altai. People call the lake a second Baikal for its clearest water.

Lake Baikal

This one of the most famous lake is the oldest and deepest in the world. It reaches 1642 meters (5,387 feet) in depth and contains around 20% of the world's unfrozen freshwater.

Lena Pillars Nature Park

It's a panoramic view of natural rock formed like pillars along the banks of Lena River. It can be seen in far eastern Siberia. For a river cruise, you can contact travel service in the city of Yakutsk.

Volcanoes of Kamchatka

Kamchatka is one of the most outstanding volcanic regions in the world, with over 100 active volcanoes, a variety of types, and a wide range of related features. Volcanoes and glaciers create wonderful landscape as well.


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