One day trip in Moscow
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Modern society excites people for unique visit

Mixed with history and modern metropolis, exploring Moscow is very exciting to discover hidden places as well as significant monuments. Thanks to developed transports sprawling over the city, it enables to get to place to place quickly. We recommend you to visit these sites below including shopping and market. Its fascination never lets you down!

1. Red Square (8:30-)

Decidedly, the first place to visit when you arrive in Moscow. The square houses may important monumets such as Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum, Spasskaya tower clock and more. As soon as you enter Resurrection gate, adventure gets started! Dont' miss glamour shopping arcade "GUM".

2. The Kremlin (10:30-)

Its currently residence of the President of Russia adjoins Red Square separating from it by the citadel. It's obviously the central of Russian government. There are the Administration, historical towers and the outstanding cathedrals with golden domes to be seen.

3. Bolshoi Theatre (before lunch)

Celebrated theatre produces prestigious ballet and opera. Their performance is appreciated worldwide.

4. Lunch (13:00-)

You can find fancy restaurants around this area toward Tverskaya Street, ranging from Russian to exotic. There are so many choices. It's also the best zone to access to the next visiting place "Eliseevskiy Store".

5. Eliseevskiy Magazine (14:00-)

Eliseevkiy Magazine houses multitudinous products in the Baroque interior. You can find from Russian foods to exotic ones.

6. State Tretyakov Gallery (15:00-)

Take metro from Teatralnaya (line 2) to Novokuznetskaya for Alma-Atinskaya. There is another metro station nearer the gallery, but in this way, you don't have to change trains. This one of the largest museums in Russia opened in 1870. The museum houses 100,000 works from 11th century to the 19th century displayed from Russian arts to masterpieces of Kandinsky, Chagall and Malevich.

7. Novodevichy Convent (16:00-)

You can arrive here taking metro from Tretyakovskaya (line 6) to Sportivnaya (line 1) changing train at Oklyabrskaya. This quiet convent is included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This was founded by Tsar Vasily III in 1524. You can also find cemetary where are beried many famous people.


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Moscow : Central part
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