The Kremlin
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Strongest command at the heart of Moscow

The Kremlin established in 1156 was wooden fortress. It is complex of the most important buildings including adminstrative offices and the residence of the President. The Kremlin stands for Russian power. Monumets situated within the Kremlin are high towers, churches and maestoso palace, which remind of the tsars' families. The Kremlin was added to UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990 along with Red Square.

The Grand Kremlin Palace

This maestoso building is erected in the 18th century and the tsars' families once lived there in the middle of 19th century. Now the palace is the official residence of the Russian president. It receives also foreign diplomats.

Troitskaya Tower

Troitskaya Tower used to be the private entrance of Russian tsars and their families. It was built between 1495 and 1499 and is now open to the public: it is the tallest tower in the Kremlin with a height of 76 meters.

Bell tower of Ivan the Great

The tower was built between 1505 and 1508 with 81m high. Stands a bell tower which houses 21 bells: the oldest one, Uspenski bell weighed 64 tons, while the Tsar bell located behind the bell tower had a weight of 200 tons, it was the heaviest bell in the world. Unfortunately, it collapsed during a fire and broke in 1701.

Cathedral of the Assumption

It is one of the greatest churches in Moscow along with Basil's Church in Red Square and one of the oldest in the Kremlin. The cathedral was built with white stone. It was used for the coronation of Princes and the funerals of the Patriarchs of the Orthodox Church.

The Cathedral of the Archangel

This church was completed between 1505 and 1508, replacing the original wooden church, built in 1333. Here was a burial place of the tsars and Grand Princes of Russia until the 17th century. The cathedral houses 54 tombs. It was also used to celebrate the victories of the Russian Army and the coronations, weddings and funerals of the Russian Tsars.


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