Lenin's Mausoleum
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Tomb of The leader of the Revolution and the first head of the Soviet Union

Lenin's tomb was built in 1924 as soon as he died, but restored in 1929 by architect Aleksei Shchusev from wooden structure to solid layers of red, grey and black granite, in the shape of pyramid, for keeping the body everlasting. This Conception was born by the Soviet government that wanted to embalm his body believing its afterlife of Lenin's ideas. The body with its face uncovered was silently placed in a glass sarcophagus, and thousands of people came to see it each day. There are also other Soviet rulers' graves - Stalin, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko behind the mausoleum. Visitors have to leave their possessions in the Kutayfa tower cloakrooms.


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Moscow : Central part
Krasnaya ploshad, Red Square
7 495 623-55-27
marker Access
5min, walk from Metro: Ploshchad' Revolyutsii