Bolshoi Theatre
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Expected performance from the celebrated theatre

Bolshoi Theatre is worldwide historical theatre hodlding top level ballet and opera performances. The theatre is one of the most renowned theatre as well as the biggest ballet company in the world. From the beginning, everlasting shows such as Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Giselle, Spartacus and Romeo and Juliet are most popular titles. Over 200 dancers belong to the theatre, and they are training at the celebrated Bolshoi Ballet Academy under a patron of Bolshoi Theatre. Their inimitable play goes around the world fascinating people in every place they take. The price for ballet is much higher, but for an only experience in the world's reputed theatre, it'll be worth.


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Moscow : Central part
Teatralnaya Square 1
+7 495 455-5555
+7 495 692-0050
marker Access
3min, walk from Metro:Okhotnyy Ryad or Teatralnaya