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Area:Moscow : Central part   Sightseeing Genre: Palace   Square/Park   Museum   Monument

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  • Palace   Square/Park   Museum   Monument

  • 300 RUB

Big park combined with museum-reserve, national historic and cultural monument

This is Moscow’s largest museum-reserve, covering an area of 550 hectares. The plendid palace was built by Catherine the Great as her surburban residence in 1775. After used as a country estate for local people, in the 1980s it renewed making look brighter and applying more elaborated decorations as seen today. The building is made up of two palaces, the Cavalier Building (servants’ quarters) and the Bread House (the Kitchen Building) behind them. This palace was obviously trasnformed into elegant museum that houses regular exhbitions. Its huge park is a tranquil place to relax and stroll surrounding with pavilions, gazeboes, grottoes and bridges.


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Moscow : Central part
1 Dolskaya Street
+7 (495) 321-6366, 321-8039
marker Access
7min, walk from Metro:Orekhoro