Izmaylovo Market
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Biggest and perfect open air market for souvenirs

If you have no much time to look for a souvenir for your friends, Izmaylovo Market can help you find fancy items displayed on stalls: art, handmade crafts, antiques, matryoshki, Soviet paraphernalia, fur products, lacy collars, old magazines, gramophone records, chests with peasant towels embroidered. It's located in the colorful “Kremlin in Izmailovo” Complex, which is a replica of a type of each Russian Kremlin. Some venders speak English enough to barter prices, usually up to 15%-20%. It's worth to try. There are also small museums inside the structure available for touring from 10am-8pm every day. Museums include the Museum of Vodka History, the Bread Museum, and the Museum of Russian National Toys.


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Moscow : Central part
Izmaylovskoye shosse 73
marker Access
3min, walk from Metro:Partisanskaya