White Rabbit
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Area:Moscow : Central part   Restaurant Character: Panoramic view   Open till late night   Middle Class Restaurant   Cafe & Bar

  Food Type: Cafe & Bar   Italian


  • Cafe & Bar   Italian

  • 1000 RUB ~

Taste creative dishes in the stunning landscape

This stylish restaurant is located on the 16th floor of the skyscraper. A glassed-in rooftop site overlooks beautiful panorama view of the city. Expert chef, Vladimin Muhin offers his brand-new Russian cuisine combined with creative dishes. There are various menus: children and lunch menu for workers. Vast range of cocktails, liquors, and French and Italian wines are always available. If you are a hookah smoker or just curious about it, 4 fruit flavours: melon, apple, grapefruit and pineapple sadisfy you.


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Moscow : Central part
Smolenskaya square., bld. 3, 16 floor
+7 (495) 66 33 999
marker Access
1min, walk from Metro:Smolenskaya