Let go to the famous sights of Rome!
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Model courses around in a day the famous tourist spot

Famous attractions you want to go once full to Rome! I will introduce a model course in a day around the tourist spots of classic here. Because there are many ranges within walking distance, you can take advantage of without having to worry about much traffic conditions. Those who do not have the time to incorporate the plan in conjunction with the sights you want to go to the other is also recommended!

A : Colloseum 9:00~

located in the Subway line B 2 stops "Colosseum" get off from the mini-station. Originally it was a circular arena that was built in the Roman Empire, but the tourist attraction on behalf of Rome now. Because it was a place that have been made (including the public execution) murder once more, it has been used also for the event of abolition of capital punishment now. You can also entrance but here go to the next destination in the finished appearance tourism.

· B: approximately 16 minutes walk Directions to Mouth of Truth. About 9 minutes can also go by bus, "CELIO VIBENNA" ride, the "CERCHI-BOCCA DELLA VERITA '" get off

B: Truth of mouth 9:30~

It is near the entrance of the "Santa Maria-in-Cosmedin church". Few people even opening hours also Mouth of Truth you are usually crowded, you can be tourist smoothly. Tritone is the god of the sea of manhole motif Mouth of Truth. There is a legend such as not missing hand person that has a heart of deceit but, really? Please, try to challenge it!

● Hours: <every day> 9:30 to 17:00
● Admission: Free (There are cases that require donation ※, please prepare a 5 cents)
※ I may change business hours. Please check the latest information always. By the way, it is possible to shoot over the fence even outside office hours.

· C: approximately 10-minute walk to the Directions Kanpidorio Square

Mouth of Truth in the movie "Roman Holiday"

Movie in "Roman Holiday", the jaws of the newspaper reporter played by Gregory Peck is trying Odorokaso the Princess Anne, was acting to put a hand in the "Mouth of Truth" in the practical joke based on the legend, it does not come loose. Naive princess is truly received it at this time, screaming in horror, I've burst into tears on top of all that -

C: Kanpidorio Square 10:00

Ruins of the ancient Roman "Roman Forum". It was the center of political and economic state of the past, but was buried under sediment Western Roman Empire after the fall of the abandoned. It is a famous tourist spot excavation is being carried out today. Also be possible admission Roman Forum is (on charge), but, in fact, you can watch from Kanpidorio Square. ♪ is all right even if there is no time

· D: approximately 10 minutes Directions bus to Piazza Navona "TEATRO MARCELLO" ride, the "CORSO RINASCIMENTO" get off. There as soon as you get off the square.

Roman Forum seen from Kanpidorio

Because it is in the top of the hill, Square can be a bird's-eye view Roman Forum

D: Piazza Navona 10:30 -

One of the most beautiful square, Piazza Navona. You can see the fountain of three compelling. The square central obelisk · Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi of fountain type of statue anthropomorphic (Nile, Ganges, Danube, La Plata River) the river of four called "Fountain of the Four Rivers" Bernini, to the south and "Moore fountain of man ", fountain" and "Neptune will be expected on the north side. It is free of course because it is square, but is spot worth seeing quite.

E:Approximately a 10-minute walk Directions to Pantheon

E: Pantheon 11:00 -

Pantheon is a shrine was built about 2000 years ago. It was ten thousand temple dedicated to Rome god various once. It is a thing which has now been repaired, but it is one of the most popular tourist spot. Wonderfully medium appearance even more than! Hole that is open (meaning "eye" in the oculus / Latin) Oculus for the lighting in the ceiling. After the Roman God no longer believe is also the church of Christianity in 608 by around this space of iconic, and has escaped destruction.

● Hours: <Mon - Sat> 8:30 to 19:30 <day> 9:00 to 18:00
● Admission: Free

F : About 7 minutes walk Directions to Trevi Fountain

F :Trevi Fountain 11:30~

Fountain of artificial baroque huge Rome's most (fountain). There is a legend and wish to throw backwards fountain coins that come true in the Trevi. Also, wish varies depending on the number of coins to throw. It is a tradition it is possible to be able to come to Rome again that's one, you are together forever and an important person in two, and can break up with husband, wife or lover becomes three. It is a little surprised, but wishes three'm a relic of history that Christianity was not prohibit divorce.

Approximately 8 minutes walk Directions to Plaza de España: G

G: Plaza de España: G

It is the location of the familiar scenes princess played by Audrey Hepburn ate gelato. Trinita dei Monti staircase leading to the Trinita dei Monti church, known as the large staircase is the "Spanish Steps". Design is due to Francesco di Sanctis, I was completed in 1725. I want to eat gelato like a princess! .. It is a place, but the food and drink of the square is prohibited by law Unfortunately for protection. ♪ Please enjoy the atmosphere

About 6 minutes Directions A subway line to the St. Peter's Basilica "Spagna" ride, the "Ottaviano-San Pietro" get off: H. To Cathedral is about a 10-minute walk from the station.

H : Ottaviano-San Pietro

To the headquarters of the Catholic Church last. Very beautiful cathedral Michelangelo and "Pieta"! The whole country has been a World Heritage Site as "Vatican City". It is a shrine dedicated to the tomb of the Apostle Peter originally, I am proud of the size of the world's largest current. Admission to the Cathedral is free, but it takes a little time to check security. Possible admission If you receive a check in line about 20 minutes roughly. Cupola (on charge) admission is also recommended time is equal to allow.

● Hours: <every day> 7:00 to 19:00
● Admission: Free (. € 6 Treasuries part pay, cupola [stairs] 5 euros [elevator] € 7)

St. Peter's Square View from Cupola

It is impressive square with a focus on Obelisk. Is on the left coming out of the cathedral entrance entrance of the cupola. The climb lets you choose elevator or stairs, but up a little stairs after getting off the elevator. ♪ Please enjoy the bird's-eye view of St. Peter's Square by all means

● Hours: <every day> 7:00 to 19:00
● Admission: [stairs] 5 euros [elevator] € 7


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※ starting point of the model course "Colosseum" is displayed on the MAP