Paciotti Salumeria
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Area:Citta del Vaticano   Genre: Gourmet

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  • Gourmet

Ham and cheese and wine lovers must see! Ideal shop ♪ also souvenir

Here are professional shop ham, cheese, wine in the back of the Vatican City State. Attraction here is ham, cheese and wine of many kinds of than anything else! I am up to number more than 100 the. In addition, prosciutto, which is suspended in a row from the entrance and I is the best part. In-store and passing under the arch of meat, the smell of ham and cheese delicious drifts. It is most suitable for a souvenir because it allows you to vacuum pack in any amount the goods here. It was not on the guide book there is also that you are slightly off from the tourist areas there are many, but it is recommended spot


Can you make a panini on the spot and ask ham bread and cheese here. The photograph is an image that customers who have purchased were taken brought back to the hotel. Panini of fresh, ♪ I'd like to eat

General Information

Facility Name Paciotti Salumeria
Address Via Marcantonio Bragadin, 51/53 - 00136, Roma
Phone number 0639733646
Hours 7:30 to 20:30 13:00 to 20:30
Regular holiday Sunday
Subway line A "CIPRO" station and get off, about a 2-minute walk
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Citta del Vaticano
Via Marcantonio Bragadin, 51/53 - 00136, Roma
marker Access
Metro 1 line [CIPRO] 2mins away from the station