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Special food mixed with French and Italian

Monaco has neighbors such as France and Italy, which both have significant and personalized cuisines and which represent the basic 2 influences found in the Monaco culinary culture. There can be found many French delicacies in the Monaco cuisine, combinations of delicate sweet tastes with sour flavors, the Italian pastas, various kinds of fish dishes with lime and other complex and rich traditionally Monaco recipes.


Bouillabaisse originally was a stew made by Marseille fishermen using the bony rockfish which they were unable to sell to restaurants or markets. There are at least three kinds of fish in a traditional bouillabaisse: typically red rascasse (Scorpaena scrofa); sea robin (fr: grondin); and European conger (fr: congre). And vegetables such as leeks, onions, tomatoes, celery, and potatoes are simmered together with the broth and served with the fish. The broth is traditionally served with a rouille, a mayonnaise made of olive oil, garlic, saffron, and cayenne pepper on grilled slices of bread.


Barbajuans (Deep-fried Monegasque Pasties) is a traditional Monegasque snack of pastry filled with a mix of onions, leeks, chard, spinach with Ricotta and Parmesan cheeses that are folded like pasties before being deep fried

Bar à la Monégasque (Sea bass, Monegasque style)

Bar à la Monégasque (Sea Bass, Monegasque Style) is a recipe for a classic dish of whole sea bass on a bed of potatoes and carrots that's baked in a tomato-based sauce.

Gratin de fruits de mer (Seafood Gratin)

Gratin de fruits de mer (Seafood Gratin) is a mixed seafood in a wine and cream sauce base that's topped with mashed potatoes and oven baked to finish.

Les Sardines Farcies aux Blettes et aux Moules (Sardines Stuffed with Chard and Mussels)

This is a dish of sardines stuffed with a blend of mussels and chard bound with egg that's baked on a bed of cooked Swiss chard.


Pissaladière is a focaccia dish made in the Italian region of Liguria. The dough is usually a bread dough thicker than that of the classic Italian pizza, and the traditional topping consists of caramelised (almost pureed) onions, olives, garlic and anchovies (either whole or in the form of pissalat, a type of anchovy paste).

Tourta de Blea (Chard Pie)

Tourta de Blea (Chard Pie) is a vegetarian pie of chard, apples, sugar, pine nuts and cheese baked in a rich shortcrust shell.

Fougasse de Monégasque (Monaco-style Fougasse)

Fougasse is a bread shaped like a palm leaf that's flavoured with Herbes de Provence.

Socca (Chickpea-flour Crêpes)

It's a snack of chickepea flour pancakes that are fried until golden and set and traditionally served with a glass of white wine.

Le Galapian

Its delicious pie is made of candied melon on an almond tart pastry base that's finished with an almond meringue and a honey syrup glaze.


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