St. Dévote Chapel
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Dedicated to patron of Royal Family and the Principality of Monaco

The church is dedicated to the principality's guardian angel Saint Devote. It was restored in the 16th century. In 1606, Prince Honoré II added a span, followed by a porch in 1637. The façade was rebuilt in 1870 and refurbished further in 1891 in "18th-century Neo-Greek" style. The stained-glass windows were made by Nicolas Lorin of Chartres. The glass windows were destroyed during the bombing of Monaco during World War II and were restored by Fassi Cadet of Nice in 1948. Monaco annually celebrates the saint in January in the square in front of the Church.

The Feast of Sainte Dévote

It's a feast day dedicated to the patron saint of Monaco, Dévote, that includes a religious ceremony, blessing and torchlight procession. This ceremony holds on 27 January.


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1 Place Ste Dévote
93 50 52 60
97 70 83 07
marker Access
3min, walk from the rail station.