Chocolaterie de Monaco
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Traditional chocolate shop since 1920

This chic shop is located in the old town "Monaco-Ville". You can find delightful chocolates assorted in the elegant boxes with the symbol of Monaco. There are some boxes which attract you like; Smart, which is created at the time to mark the marriage of the prince Rainier III and the princess Grace in April, 1956, and the Monegasque Crown is prestigious pralines created on the occasion of the enthronement of prince Albert II in 2005. Try truffles, giandiotti, and crospies (croustillan rice blown in the chocolate coated with caramelized white chocolate and dragéfié) too! There is a tiny tea room inside the shop and you can taste good tea from China, India, and Europe. It's available to purchase them by on line.


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Place de la Visitation
97 97 88 88
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marker Access
3min, walk from Museum Oceanographic.