Le Saint Benoit
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Area:LA CONDAMINE   Food Type: Mediterranean

  Restaurant Character: Panoramic view   Reservations   Middle Class Restaurant


  • Mediterranean

  • 31 EUR ~

We find just here seafood speciality

Restaurant is located on the 5th levels in an elegant building. It's the one of the rare places where fish lovers find real satisfaction. Here a classic and well-pedigreed sea cuisine is being served, in the tranquil modernity of the recently renovated dining room, or on the sunny terrace facing the palace and lovely view over the port with the yachts in the marina. Tagliatelle with scampi ragout, lotte tail and vegetables, stuffed artichokes with olive oil, Saint-Jacques fricassee Provençal, loup with fennel or in salt crust, large bouillabaisse platter, aged cheeses from Ceneri, lemon-meringue pie and creme brulee with amaretto. The serious wine card offers plenty of regional varieties, including good Provence vintages. Professionalism, freshness, courtesy not just an excellent view.


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10 Avenue de la Costa
93 25 02 34
93 30 52 64
marker Access
200m walk from the railway station.