Monreale Cathedral (Duomo di Monreale)
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Must-see the Cathedral

It is one of the finest Norman churches in the world built as a royal complex in the 12th century.
The exterior of the cathedral is rather unassuming, but step inside to be mesmerized by towering arches, glorious golden mosaics and famous artworks.
The undisputed highlight point to see of the cathedral is richly mosaiced interior. The golden mosaics completely cover the walls of the nave amounting to 68,220 square feet in total. Other a point worthy of note are doors. The west facade has two towers. The apse richly decorated with interlaced arch and circle designs made of marble and tufa. The main entrance was sculpted and signed in 1185. It depict 42 reliefs of biblical scenes set within decorative frames. The north entrance depict 42 portraits of saints and evangelists. And also the cathedral has treasury collections from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
You are able to go to the roof terraces. You will see beautiful panoramic view to the sea and the bay of Conca d'Oro.


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Piazza Duomo,Monreale
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