San Domenico Maggiore Church (Chiesa di San Domenico Maggiore)
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beautiful Gothic church in Naples

San Domenico Maggiore is a church founded in 1231 in Naples. Today it includes part of the old church of San Michele Arcangelo a Morfisa. The only Gothic style elements are one of the most beautiful church in Naples. There are three naves in the church.
The central nave has a panelled ceiling. You are able to see the the portraits of the Dominican Saints who founded the church.
At the right nave, you will see Neapolitan sculpture from the 15th and 16th centuries.
At the left nave, you will fell you are in the historical spaces atmosphere.

■ADDRESS:Piazza S.Domenico Maggiore 8/a, Napoli


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Naples:Old Town
Piazza S.Domenico Maggiore 8/a, Napoli
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