Vung Tau a day trip at beach resort
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One and a half hours by ferry. Resort feeling willingly.

What you think If you came to "Southeast Asia" Vietnam with much effort, and you want to enjoy the tropical.
There is 128km to the south, on a peninsula jutting into the South China Sea from Ho Chi Minh City center, the beach resort go in about an hour and a half by ferry the Saigon River "Vung Tau".
The Correll feel free to Ho Chi Minh City for citizens, for example presence such as Enoshima for Tokyo.
In terms of pomp and transparency beaches of Vung Tau might be inferior to the other beaches, but close to, feel free to point to the local rather than prices and atmosphere resort.

There are enough attractions in Ho Chi Minh city, but it is advisable to go to if you want to change the flavor a little.
It is also possible day, but it is also possible that 1-2 nights at the hotel if you would like to enjoy the beach at night, or do not want to worry too much time. I can choose in various ways is also the width of the rank hotel.

There is a stop on the Saigon River Saigon Sky Deck near Ferry (bomb (Bach Dang) Pier).
Three companies in the 6:15 to 16:45 is runs at intervals of about 30 minutes. The journey takes about an hour and a half. Fee 200 000 Don weekdays, 250,000 on Saturdays, Sundays, and Don.

Return from Vung Tau service at intervals of 30 minutes to 1 hour to 6:00 to 16:45. Watch out because it does not come back in the day ferry leaves in late afternoon the Ho Chi Minh City. Bus is runs until 20:00, but around the time required about three hours it takes.
Better to make sure of the schedule of pre better because some suspended service and change of time. Better to ensure as soon as possible is good, so do not get tickets and it fills up.

ride the ferry wharf bomb of Ho Chi Minh City.

At the ferry landing near from the city center.

I want to board the early morning if day. 16:45 So, because some suspended service and change of time of the final return from Vung Tau, I want to confirm, including return here.

I can ride easily stop and ticket purchase location is the same.

view from the ferry

Admire from a distance high-rise buildings in Ho Chi Minh City urban area, or look like a jungle gradually, the scenery ... or duck bridge also want to enjoy.
Seat's designation, but also felt the outside air since it is out freely to the deck.

[A] ferry port. We arrived in Vung Tau!

help you remember futuristic a little (?) Building. KFC restaurants and also features.
Barker and taxi comes closer Upon exiting the port.

[B] Back Beach

There are several beaches in Vung Tau, but such as fishing boats in or are anchored to the west with a ferry port, it is not recommended.
Back Beach Peninsula of eastern beach of white sand over about 4km. Spot where there is the most popular, such as sea house lined.
There are also stalls and seafood that are not found in urban areas, can enjoy fine without swim.

[C] statue of The Christ

There is a huge Christ the Redeemer statue on a hill located on the southern tip of the peninsula. I go up to the image up the stairs. There is a spiral staircase in the interior of the image, it is possible to see the coast from the observatory on the shoulders of the Christ the Redeemer statue.

It's a low hill seems at first glance, so go up the stairs of steep stone, hard unexpectedly. It is easy to design there is a rest area in the middle and handrail.

[D] cable car

There is a cable car to go to the north of the ferry if there is time to spare, you can go to Big Mountain summit of 455m destination.
There is a theme park with a zoo and play facilities "Cloud Lake Ecotourism Park" is the top of the mountain, it is possible to spend a happy time or overlooking the Vung Tau city.


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