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The Petit travel Ho Chi Minh City "Chinese" and stretched his leg a little.

About 5km to the west of Ho Chi Minh City center. There is a district is said most of the Chinese city resident is a class called "Rong".
The second half of the 18th century is traced back to the history of this district, which means (Cho Lon) = a "big market".
Is the common name of the area only, it is not a place name on the map.
Not mean that the streets of a different atmosphere suddenly glittering like Chinatown in other countries, in the extent to which see Chinese characters here and there of the city, the image dissolved in the Vietnam Even though Chinatown.

Attractions include the place where you can feel not in the center of Ho Chi Minh sophisticated rapidly developing, the hot air and powerful simplicity. Although a noisy town, but the atmosphere nostalgic charm of Cholon.

If you're got around one street in the city center, I would like to visit us.
I will introduce the basic spot of such Cholon.

[A]Binh Tay market to First

Because it is located in the west end of the tourist area of Cholon, to move the feeling that go back to the east of the city center from here.

First, it is considered as well as bike and taxi bus here from the city, but the taxi is safe.
For example, the time required is about 20 minutes if from Ben Thanh Market. 80 000 Don around an aim.

Binh Tay market is the largest market in Cholon. Maybe a little tiring when you try to see everything.

[B] cloth wholesale district

What's the city on foot from Binh Tay market.
The area of fabric wholesaler via the high-to-run-on on-street along the park, is there first.
Fabric of Asian tastes are arranged in the storefront, more than 1000 stores crowded Including also shop in the building.

[C] The St. Francis Xavier Church (Church Chatamu)

St. Francis Xavier Church is located in the immediate vicinity of the fabric wholesaler.
Tip is not already visible when I walk from the Binh Tay market, conspicuous among the city.
Because not many people if there is no time zone Mass, timing to give breath quiet.

[D] herbal medicine is lined

Come in the area of herbal medicine shops that sign of Chinese characters and Chinese really stands out and walk a little from Chatamu church lined.
Raw materials of Chinese medicine have no idea somehow to the untrained eye is on display.

[E] Tenkisakimiya (Thien Hau Temple)

Hau temple to go Guenchai the street.
★ check because some "Mazu Tin Hau Temple" on the way.

This spot also can feel the tranquility in Cholon spilled hot air.
It is also the time be washed mind with the fragrance of incense.

[F] Satai market

If you walk a little from Tenkisakimiya, there is Satai market.
It's felt like a small local market, but also auto stand around if the evening, it becomes B-grade gourmet spot.

★ It is also known as a place that was used to shoot scenes of love affair of young Chinese girls and movie "Raman".

[G] Andong market, Andong Plaza

Because there is a little distance from Satai market, to use the taxis and if tired.

3 floors 1 underground to huge market to be exhaustive fashion, to souvenir from groceries "Andon market".
The modern compared to Binh Tay market, maybe easy to buy. The price is also cheaper than Ben Thanh Market in the city center. Off the beaten path?

Is located next to across the street market "Andon Plaza".
In Windsor Plaza hotel's buildings nowadays appears as a suddenly. It is a shopping plaza strong local color, the Co-op Mart and cafes are also entered.
"Journey of Chinatown" ends Chinese color is running out around here.


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