Chua Vinh Nghiem
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Both Nippon deep edge [EiGentera]

EiGentera (Eigenji). Chua Vu~ingiemu in the local language.
Monk who returned from studying in Japan between 1964 to 1971 is open. Relatively new, it was built to make full use of the latest construction technology.
Those donated by the temple of the Soto sect of Japan is said that there is a benefit each time you touch the "Peace Bell". Origin is marked the origin of the donation in Japanese.
There is a reliquary tower towers and seven double of 40m. There is a cozy ambience very familiar to Japanese.
Because apart from a little north of other tourist destinations, you want to take a taxi.


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Tan Dinh
339 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Q.3
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