Cong Vien 23 Thang 9
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  Genre: Garden/Square


  • Garden/Square

Citizens rest [September 23] park

Elongated shape of the park features. Peaceful people of local relax in the shade of a tree or around the lotus pond, with or exercise.
There is the thing that events take place, park rooted in the lives of citizens.
Good just a little break of sightseeing along the way.
The south because the backpackers area immediately, leading restaurants of English at a low cost, many cafes, convenience is also good.
The of the was named to commemorate that it was 23 日 September 1945 Saigon citizens When did the resistance movement when the second World War the French army has been re-invasion is a unique name that September 23 park thing.


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Cong Vien 23 Thang 9
Pham Ngu Lao, Dist1
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