Diamond Plaza
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Area:Reunification Palace   Genre: Women Fashion   General merchandise   Mall

  Average age: Women   Couple   Age 20~30   Family


  • Women Fashion   General merchandise   Mall

Luxury department store of Korean capital.

High-rise building which is visible from anywhere if from the city center.
In the so-called luxury department store in the space to be relieved if the Japanese. It may be a familiar landscape.
Some cosmetics and apparel branded, even appliances and handicrafts mainly.
To become more expensive than buying in Japan in relation to such tax and price competition often imported goods.
Since in some cases cheaper than Japan and South Korea-based cosmetics because it is Korean capital, and wonder how you can look while and compared.

Since there are a food court to eat handy and "for 24", "wrap and roll", such as fast food of Korean, movie theater, as well as amusement facilities, those that can be enjoyed Once in once more, and spend the time.

■ Time: 9:30 to 22:00
■ The Closed: No
■ HP: www.diamondplaza.com.vn
■ Credit card: Yes


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Reunification Palace
34 Le Duan St, Dist 1
08 38225500
marker Access
toward to saigon church