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Area:Dong Khoi St.   Genre: Japanese cuisine

  Character: Open till late night   Japanese menu


  • Japanese cuisine

  • 70000 VND ~

Japanese style Chinese reasonable available diner, as tavern.

Retainton in the street of Japanese street crowded with local and expatriate Japanese.
Thankfully it exist for the Japanese in Vietnam small shops of Chinese unexpectedly.
Shop name but "dumplings", the menu extensive. Places like chain stores somewhere in Japan, set meal, and there is one piece of article. The price I feel like a little cheaper than in Japan.
It is not a luxury store, but in a clean store, can be eaten with confidence.
I am glad that there is a Japanese menu with photos.


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Dong Khoi St.
15/7 Le Thanh Ton St, Dist.1
08 38221059
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