Ha Long Bay
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Short trip from Hanoi. Enjoy the art of nature consisting of 2000 Isles and a quiet sea.

Ha Long bay is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.
It is 150 km or about 3.5 hours drive from Ha Noi.
Ha Long Bay means "bay of descending dragons", made up of about 2000 isles in various sizes and shapes as well as structures.
Viewed from above, Hạ Long Bay looks like an extremely vivid huge painting. Each isle, topped with thick jungle vegetation, has a unique shape, which forms a spectacular quiet seascape. It is a wonderful work of art that the Earth made​​.
Some people say it looks more beautiful in little cloudy days. The beauty changing with each time zone, weather, and seasons is also a charm of this bay.

Towns of Bai Chay and Hon Gai will be good bases for visiting Halong Bay. You can go island hopping by boat from there.
There are various categories of cruise, from about four hours to the long distance overnight on board

Besides island hopping, you can have fun on water puppet, folk dance, and casino.
It is highly recommended to include a visit to Ha Long Bay in the itinerary to Hanoi.

Limestone caves

Limestone caves in the isles are the main attractions beyond a boat cruise.
When we enter inside these caves, you can't help being surprised by their stunning beauty.

Cat Ba Island

It is the biggest island in the Bay and one of the only populated islands.
Its inshore waters, mangrove covered tidal zones, and most of the island land are defined as a national park.
The island, home to a great variety of rare plants and wild animals, still remains its pristine natural beauty.
In the summer, the beach is packed with many tourists.
There are also many comfortable hotels, so if you have time, you'd better stay there 1-2 nights to relax.


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Ha Long Bay
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