St. Joseph's Cathedral
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A reminder of the French Colonial era. Beautiful neo- gothic church.

This oldest Roman Catholic cathedral with neo- gothic style, built in 1886, is situated west of Hoan Kiem Lake.
Its design is similar to the architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
It was said to be constructed on the site of the former Buddhist temple (Bao Thien Pagoda).
The exterior walls of the church are made of granite stone slabs while the interior part decorated with paintings and stained glass gives us an special atmospheric feel.
Like its worn exterior, the cathedral interior is in the state of decay.
The front gate is closed except when the mass is conducted. However, it is possible to enter the gate on the left side.
People go to mass every evening and early morning.

Near the Church, there are streets such as Nha Tho St., Ly Quoc Su St., and Hang Trong St which have many new and sophisticated shops and restaurants.
It is very fun area to visit while touring.


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Around Hoan Kiem Lake
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