Vietnamese Women's Museum
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Area:Around Hoan Kiem Lake    History and Culture   For Couples   For Family   For Groups

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  • 30000 VND ~

The more you learn about Vietnamese women, the more you know about Vietnam.

The museum showcases lives and roles of Vietnamese women across 54 ethnic community groups in culture and society through historical periods.
It features three thematic displays: Women in Family, Women in History, Women’s Fashion.
There are also fascinating exhibitions on beautiful and colorful costumes of the ethnic groups.

You will obviously see that women work than men in Vietnam.
The strength of Vietnamese women is not only the cultural beauty but also the identity of Vietnam.
You will be able to gain more insights into Vietnam by learning about the Vietnamese women.
And you may change your mind after visiting this excellent museum.

Displays are well-labelled in Vietnamese, French and English.
Photography is allowed.


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Around Hoan Kiem Lake
36 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi
04 3825 9936
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