Avalon Cafe Lounge
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   Vietnamese   International   Itarian   Cafe/Bar


  • Vietnamese   International   Itarian   Cafe/Bar

Best place to enjoy the stunning 360 degree views.

Located to the north of Hoan Kiem Lake from 4th floor to 7th floor of Avalon building, Avalon Cafe Lounge takes us far from in the hustle and bustle of the Old Quarter of Hanoi.
It is the ideal place to be with your friends or your nearest and dearest.
The highlight of Avalon is the lovely harmonious mix of modern and tradition with extraordinary decorating styles.
You'll gain interesting different experiences in each floor here.
You can choose an air-conditioned room or on the top floor . The view from the rooftop, overlooking the city and the lake, was fantastic.

With an abundant menu, customers can have and enjoy great authentic Vietnamese food, as well as Western food. Among them, the Vietnamese and Italian mixed cuisine is excellent.
The staff is smiling and the service is really good.
Highly recommended.


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Around Hoan Kiem Lake
73 Cau Go, Hanoi
016 6293 9519
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