Castle d'If
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Used as a prison on the small island

This mysterious castle on the If Island was built by Francis I in 1524. It was originally used as a naval fortress, after it's transformed into a prison in 1516. This prison incarcerated only important persons such as the celebrated Marquises, Chevaliers and Comptes, as well as a many Protestants or Huegenots. There was a clssification even in a prison. Rich inmates could stay in a sufficient cell, while the poor had to spend in worse conditions. Today, it has become a museum, and visitors can see cells where they spent and feel how miserable this palce was. It's accessible by boat from inland.


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Embarcadère Frioul If, 1 Quai de la Fraternité
06 03 06 25 26
marker Access
Ferries from the Quai des Belges at the foot of La Canebiere in the Old Port.