Le Grand Bleu
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Area:Nice   Food Type: Mediterranean

  Restaurant Character: Reservations   Middle Class Restaurant


  • Mediterranean

  • 19 EUR ~

Seafood restaurant In the heart of flower market

It's located in the middle of Cours Sleya, just few minutes from Quai des Etats-Unis. Inside is spacious, elegant and arranged with flowers and white tablecloth. It accepts group and meeting with pleasure and welcome you with 3 languages: Italian, Japanese and Russian. Veteran chef offers delicious and fresh seafood everyday from fish to shellfish (Try mixed plate). If you a gluttonous, you can order spaghetti with seafood and lamb with herb of Provence! Most of summer time makes you sit on the terrace feeling breeze or hearing lively market.


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24 Cours Saleya
04 93 62 29 51
marker Access
5min, walk from Tram: Opéra