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If you want more thrills in your travels.

There are about 30 casinos in Cambodia, it's second only to Macau in Asia.
They are gathered along the borders of Thailand and Vietnam in particular, but there is also one in Phnom Penh.
Let's try your luck at a casino in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh - NagaWorld Casino

Hotel opened in 2008.
It may be easier to visit than most in Cambodia, as it has good access from the tourist area.
The interior is very bright with lots of atmosphere. There is a show band playing and a gorgeous décor as well.
Basic games include baccarat, BJ, roulette and poker. Ali the equipment is new.

The casino is on one floor of the hotel in the city center, and there is an atmosphere that you can fee. Free admission and no dress code.
The hotel offers French, Italian, Korean, and Chinese restaurants, all a good place to eat.
Because the casino is easily reached from the hotel's rooms, it's a good environment for people who want to play for a long time.


Poipet casinos are located along the border with Thailand. Many hotels have a Casino.
It is a town with almost nothing other than casinos.
Because gambling is illegal in Thailand, it can be called the casino area for Thais.

There are various promotions, depending on the hotel, lodging and meals will be free if there is a plan to use a certain amount of money in advance.
Because the dividends and rules of the game are different at each hotel, it is recommended that you compare each casino before you play..
Famous is the Grand Diamond City Hotel. It has a reputation for free food and good support from the casino staff.

So if you travel to Thailand by land, it is a good place to enjoy some spare time.


It is the town known mainly for casinos like Poipet. It is near the southeast border with Vietnam.
There is about a dozen hotel casinos, but is not suitable for tourism because there is nothing else.

The majority of customers are Vietnamese, because although there are casinos in Vietnam, only tourists are allowed to gamble there.
At a location only 90 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City, it is a popular drive from there to the border.
It is about 3 hours drive from Phnom Penh.

Famous is the Las Vegas Sun Hotel & Casino. There is good support from the hotel staff, and the contents of the casino are good. Rooms at the hotel are also clean.


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Phnom Penh
NagaWorld, Samdech Techo Hun Sen Park | Hun Sen Park, Phnom Penh
023 228 822
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