Psar Chaa - Old Market
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Area:Siem Reap - heart of the city   Genre: Flea / Markets

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  • Flea / Markets

For pleasant meals or shopping, or even just looking.

The representative market of the Siem Reap center.
Life's miscellaneous goods are sold here, and it is interesting because it helps understand the living conditions of the local people.
However, in recent years, as souvenir shops for tourists increase, the local color is fading.
You should bargain whenever you buy here, but it will be fun.
It is crowded with a large number of people and shoppers from 7:00 in the morning.
There are many souvenir shops in the west and the south side. There is a dining room in the north side and here you can eat local food for around 2USD.
Street stalls selling things such as T-shirts, are around the outside of the market, from about 18:00 after the market closed. It is a place to enjoy at night.


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Siem Reap - heart of the city
Psar Chaa Road, Siem Reap
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