Angkor Wat
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  • Ancient Ruins

Palace for God and king, a symbol of Cambodia.

From the early 12th century, it was built as a Hindu temple by Suryavarman II of the Angkor dynasty. It took more than 30 years to build.
1500 meters east-west, north-south over 1300 meters, and is surrounded by moat 190 meters in width.
Much was damaged during the civil war in Cambodia in the 1970s, but after much repair, it was registered as a World Heritage Site, the Angkor monuments, in 1992.

It is the main tourist spot in Cambodia, it is also the symbol of the country.
This is the temple that was drawn on the Cambodian national flag in 1993.
It is also a sacred place for Buddhist monks to offer prayers.

Most of the ruins of the other sites are directed to the east, but only Angkor Wat is facing west.
Many tourists visit in the afternoon because in the morning it is backlight.
On the other hand, it is great at the time of dawn, as from the background of the building emerges the rising sun.
It takes much time and stamina to see so many attractions on such extensive grounds.

Angkor Wat is beautiful just to look from a distance, but the sculptures inside might be the biggest attraction.
The whole building looks like a giant ancient museum.
There is also a relief, and if you look closely, you can see remnants of gold leaf.
To imagine the gorgeous state of the time so different from the current one is very enjoyable.


Reliefs drawn on the corridor of Angkor Wat tells the ancient epic story of India, such as "Mahabharata".
If you keep going along the scrolls, the story is complete.
Battle of gods and royals with each other are powerfully drawn there.


Debata is a female figure carved in the wall.
The deep sculpture allows you to feel the warmth of a plump feminine figure.
It is said that there was a different model for each Debata, as all of the faces are different.
It is interesting to look at while comparing the various expressions and accessories.


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Siem Reap - Angkor region
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