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Area:Siem Reap - heart of the city   Genre: Fasion

   Seekers   Women   Age 20~30


  • Fasion

The silk shop with excellent customer support and high quality.

Cambodia is said to have a history of silk brocade from the 13th century. Highly rated overseas, the silk products in Cambodia are renowned through its long history.
This store sells tailor-made silk products. It is a popular shop acclaimed by tourists.
Besides tailor-made, ready-made items are also in stock.
About 10USD for a scarf. About 150USD for a dress. It is a reasonable price for such quality.
The staff speak English well, to help you with your various demands.
Most products can be completed in a day.
It is a shop recommended if you are thinking about buying silk products.


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Siem Reap - heart of the city
98 Pithnu Street, Siem Reap
063 965 310
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